Linda and I and two bridge friends went out in CHARGE today to gawk at the new Admiral Zumwalt destroyer docked in the Navy yard in Middletown.

We couldn’t get close – there was a huge RIB patrolling (with armed dudes) to keep boats far away. But we got off a couple of lousy I-phone pics, including the one above.

The Zumwalt is very angular, has a weird reversed axe bow, and virtually no windows. Modernistic and definitely LETHAL looking. An article in the local paper said it is designed to minimize radar reflections so it can “hide” better. Also, it supposedly needs about half the number of crew compared to older destroyers.

The CYC launch driver said he read the Zumwalt has missiles that can be programmed to hit a belt buckle-size target 64 miles away.

Your tax dollars at work – like $3 billion of them.

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