A Classy Fleet

Enjoying a perfect summer day watching a boat regatta in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Above is the gaff schooner Columbia flying everything but the skipper’s undershorts in a soft 10 knot southerly. Just lovely.

Next, a bit far off, part of a large contingent of Herreshoff S-Boats. Up close they are utterly gentlemanly, crew members sitting on booms to keep the mainsails from flogging, very pretty.

Most of the fleet clustered at the Herreshoff Museum at the end of the race, a gorgeous panoply of perfectly maintained wooden sailboats of every vintage, size and style. Although I have zero interest in sailing or maintaining a vintage wooden yacht, this afternoon was enough to make me think twice about it. The regatta must be a hell of a lot of fun for participants. There are onshore parties every night for the four day regatta. As you might expect, crews look totally “yachty” with plenty of Breton Red in sight. Acres of flawless varnish too. A classy fleet, to say the least.

A really enjoyable day on Narragansett Bay.

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