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Been a while since I’ve penned a Boats to Note email, but that’s not due to lack of interesting boats. Good, bad, lovely, ugly, massive, mini, old, new – all kinds wander by the outpost here in Stuart.

Start off above with a buttercup-cute little gaff sloop, just big enough for its parasol-wielding helmsman. I mean, is that sweet or what.

In total contrast, behold gloriously-painted go-fast power cat, thunderous V-8’s barely turning over at 30 knot cruise. Boys with their toys, good fun. Next, oldie wooden houseboat, on the smaller side, in fair order but look closely at the last 10 feet – methinks this hull is “hogged” and in need of a major rebuild. But give credit to the owners of these old Mathis/Trumpy/Consolidated motor yachts – lots of work and money to keep them operational.

First, a Mangusta 165, a fine example of genre Mammoth Italian Stallion, sleek, fast, and they are surprisingly popular at $15Mil to $20Mil each – maybe 20+ sold? High quality too. Second, a totally fetching tiny downeast-style pilothouse tootler, house is a out of scale to provide headroom but very appealing package. Finally, a modern motor yacht that shows off the revolution in hull fenestration over the past five years – big slashes of glass now adorn hulls, providing so much more light below. This powerboat gets it right to my eyes –not fuddy- duddy, not an ugly jumble of swoops and curlicues seen in too many Euro-styled powerboats, more a crisp, modern, moderate look. Not sure what brand it is.


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