Boats Boats and More Boats

With Covid 19 limiting or eliminating so many activities, I’ve had the time to root through photo archives of appealing/appalling boats  wandering by our place on the crossroads in Stuart. Above, the first boat is a dear 1970’s Banjer 37 motorsailor. I really lusted after the Banjer when I first saw it back then. It was built in Finland I believe, and with its airy, sheltered wheelhouse, handsome double-ended hull...

Florida Cruising

Ready to head back to RI on Sunday, but finished the Florida season with a delightful long run north on the ICW to Ft. Pierce. Wind out of the...

Boats Boats Boats

Been a while since I’ve penned a Boats to Note email, but that’s not due to lack of interesting boats. Good, bad, lovely, ugly, massive, mini, old, new –...

Florida Bust Out

For at least the past two to three weeks, the waterways off our place in Stuart have been unusually empty. Martin County closed most boat ramps except for commercial...

Spring 2019 Variety

Been exceedingly dilatory about posting photos of interesting (to me, anyway) boats that pass by our place in Stuart. Herewith a few I’ve seen over the past winter that...

A Classy Fleet

Enjoying a perfect summer day watching a boat regatta in Bristol, Rhode Island. Above is the gaff schooner Columbia flying everything but the skipper’s undershorts in a soft 10 knot...


I am immensely fortunate to live much of the year overlooking a busy yachting crossroad, where boats and yachts of all types and sizes pass by in a never-ending parade. Boats are designed and built to accommodate a vast range of functions, from short day hops to crossing oceans, with dramatic variations of style, capability and construction. In this web site I try to point out boats with design features, backgrounds, appearance attributes and other aspects I find interesting.

Boating News

Rooting Through Archived Photos of Appealing / Appalling Boats

With Covid 19 limiting or eliminating so many activities, I’ve had the time to...

Heesen Excess

Far be it from me to pipe up against yachting excess, but this in-build...

Royal Behemoth

A true behemoth yacht just delivered – 266’ Sea Eagle. Not bad looking, but...

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