Florida Bust Out

For at least the past two to three weeks, the waterways off our place in Stuart have been unusually empty. Martin County closed most boat ramps except for commercial fishermen, and I think some marinas and rack storage places may have shut down. Martin County also outlawed landing on local sandbars and anchoring in the Indian River lagoon for “relaxation.

But the boat ramps have just been re-opened, and WHAM! boating traffic exploded!

It is a maelstrom of boats roaring in and out the inlet and up and down the ICW. From what I can see through binocs, boats are not beaching on sandbars, maybe because the local boat fuzz are patrolling:

Floridians LOVE their boats! Big, small, slow, fast, old, new they love’em all. The biggest category is center consoles – they zoom by endlessly.

I’ve stayed away from my boat because I am really trying to limit any chance to get the virus, but I think I’ll be heading out this week – maybe Wednesday – when boat traffic is less and there are fewer people around the rack storage place. Gotta go boating!

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