Spring 2019 Variety

Been exceedingly dilatory about posting photos of interesting (to me, anyway) boats that pass by our place in Stuart. Herewith a few I’ve seen over the past winter that I deemed worth photographing for one or more reasons:

Above, a new Greenline 39, an interesting powerboat I believe built in Slovenia or Poland.
You can equip these with hybrid diesel/electric drives.  I appreciate the “sunroom” salon – glass from deck to roof with a big sliding door by the helm seat. Aft end of the salon is all glass too. Very light inside! Slashing line of ports in the hull for staterooms. I like the interesting sheer line and aft-raked cabin pillar and matching transom rake.

Next is a sturdy, competent-looking offshore sloop, name Mamzel, notable for distinctive, slightly repellent mustard hull color and plethora of dorade vents ventilating everywhere belowdeck. I think the flag is Canadian – can’t quite tell – but the name may be French.

Next boat pleases me no end – I applaud folks with the creativity, perseverance and skill to build their dream. A home-built micro-cruiser power catamaran, slipping along with outboard power, solar panels on the cabin top, very, very distinctive yellow and lilac color treatment. Lovely touch — tiny dinghy perched on the transom, painted the same yellow as the mothership. What fun.

This is terrific pair of global voyagers from opposite ends of the spectrum.
Sailboat is classic double-ended Colin-Archer style cutter, outboard rudder, bowsprit, simple and ready for long voyages. Powerboat is also ready for long voyages, but it’s a $multi-million Nordhavn trawler. One crew eats beans and takes cold showers; the other sips Chardonnay while watching a big screen TV. Who has more fun?

This photo is not clear – the boat was far off – but you can make out the insanely pretty lines of this good-sized downeaster.  Wow, what a supremely pretty sheer line. Moving through the water with minimal fuss, maximum authority.

The last yacht is clearly a Hunt-design – no one else captures that crisp, almost military look like Hunt. All business, great name – Oblivious – no doubt capable, I see it heading in and out the St. Lucie inlet regularly, someone has a great time on this handsome yacht.

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