Yachts in Newport

Summertime is here and the one-percenters are flocking to Newport in their mega-yachts. Although I forgot to snap photos, the other day I came across three examples of old-timey motor yachts in Newport.  Two are new “retro” builds, one is a heroic restoration of a dilapidated steam yacht. Not sure why someone wants his yacht to look old-fashioned, or why someone wanted to evaporate a substantial fortune into a cloud of steam, but that’s what makes yachting so interesting. People turn personal dreams into reality. Herewith three “stock” photos of unusual, interesting motor yachts currently gracing Newport harbor. Brings back visions  of Newport in the 1920’s, indeed.

A new, quite top-heavy retro yacht built in Turkey by Bilgin yachts. For sale, if it “speaks” to you.

A recent, somewhat attractive retro yacht built in the U.S. for a car dealer magnate. He owns a massive 200+ footer in addition for true ocean voyaging. Both are for sale – a nice package deal?

Restored steam yacht Cangarda. As cool as can be, as long as you are not the guy shoveling coal into the steam boilers. This boat was utterly dilapidated, sank once during restoration. I can’t imagine the amount of work, love and cash it took to bring this yacht back to life, or how much work it takes to keep it operating. Great to see, though.

Friday the start of the Bermuda Race – controlled chaos, 180 sailboats churning around, hundreds of spectator boats milling on the sidelines, helicopters buzzing overhead, I’ll be in the thick of it aboard CHARGE. A highlight of the summer. Looks like Bermuda racers may sail smack into a storm system heading north along the coast.

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