Panache Cruising

As always very entertaining and interesting parade of boats by our condo in Stuart this Fall, big, little, old, new, slow, fast. A few I managed to photograph:

Put these two and the featured photo together to show different approaches to motor yacht design. First is feral, black-hulled, uber-cool Italian Riva motor yacht, looks fast and sexy. One of better looking Euro-style contemporary yachts, and one of the most expensive Italian motor yachts. Second is classic Trumpy motor yacht, elegant clipper bow, exquisite curling bow wave. Lots of brightwork, but if you look really closely it needs a bit of TLC. Third is Westport 85, represents about the best in modern series-built US motor yachts. Hull is designed by famed naval architect William Garden, pretty sheerline, attractive but not flashy. That reminds me, Powerball is $329 million, got to buy a ticket .. .. .. .


Going in a different direction, first cruiser is wonderful, very funky, low-budget adaptation of old wooden boat. I suspect it started out as a sailboat, mast was removed, someone built a home-made raised cabin that looks like a white box on top. Note unusual combination of flush deck cabin aft shifting to inset cabin forward. Best feature, hard tomake out unless photo blown up, is figurehead on bow carved to resemble Easter Island statue. Way cool. Love the guy hanging on the cockpit tent frame, sitting on small staircase, steering with his feet. Terrific red trim paint job. Cruising with style and panache on a de minimis budget.  Great!  Next is classic Alden motorsailer Arabella. Really a motor vessel with auxiliary sail. A few of these hulls were made in varying configurations, the sheer line is classic, clipper bow, and oh such a lovely, saucy transom. Last and definitely least , the OMIGOD what the hell is this? A catamaran not even its naval architect can love, a truly homely agglomeration of clashing lines. Designed by Stevie Wonder?

Enjoy, more to come soon, comments welcome!

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