Stuart Command Post

Have settled too comfortably into the Stuart Command Post overlooking the ICW and intersecting waterways. Managed to take pix of boats/yachts that seem interesting to me. Probably yawns to you but herewith several:

Above, there is a purposeful, flush deck cruising sailboat with unusual scalloped sheerline. Also note tough, outboard chain plates, stubby bowsprit.

This is a converted Chesapeake Bayboat crabber. Deckhouse built over what was crab hold, looks like both a dry exhaust and a Charley Noble for the stove or cabin heater. Just great.

This is a very distinctive Tom Fexas designed Cheoy Lee cockpit motoryacht. Note hint of clipper bow, graceful reversed sheer. This yacht is well-cruised – there are three shore tenders on foredeck, fly bridge and being towed.

Well, isn’t this boat delightful? Custom pilothouse motoryacht, likely built from commercial beginnings. Vestigial mast, shade awning over main cabin, big rubrail aft for some reason, burbling down the ICW toward the Keys.

I believe this is an original Hinckley Picnic Boat. God they are good looking! Designed by a wonderful naval architect named Bruce King, the Picnic Boat revolutionized high-end day boats. Perfect sheerline, gorgeous tumblehome, saucy spoon bow, and matching swirl at aft end of wheel house. Purty!

Last photo is wonderful exemplar of cruising on a micro-budget! Take an old, maybe abandoned  obscure 26 or 27 ft sailboat, chop down the rig to a stump, bolt a Honda outboard on the transom, and away we go, mismatched fenders dangling, five or six knots, probably all under $10k. Try not to be downwind of this in an anchorage.

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