Wandering Boat Show

Some days I feel like I am in the middle of the most interesting boat show on Earth as one interesting boat after another wanders by my place in Stuart. Herewith a few more for your interest (or lack thereof):

Above, one of my favorite oddball cruisers, the Krogen Manatee designed by James Krogen. Very unusual full-width cabin, flush deck for most of its 36 ft length. Gives it a single-level, very spacious living area topped by a cute wheelhouse. Single small Perkins diesel, the Manatee burbles along at maybe six knots, barely sipping fuel.

Crisp, military-looking high speed motor yacht, likely designed by Ray Hunt’s office. Named “Assignation” – must be owned by a bachelor. Good looking in a powerful way.

This is an ultra-pretty old wooden yawl – varnished spars, spoon bow, lovely overhangs. A Concordia?

This is an old, struggling motor yacht. Lines of grime running down the topsides, tiny port lights on the accommodation deck. Nothing especially pretty about it, but I’m always curious about these old motor yachts – who owned them over the years, why has it been let go so badly, where is it rumbling to today?

An unremarkable sloop of recent vintage except I quite like the sheerline – very subtle but very pretty, just sprung enough. Not sure who designed it – it may be a Bristol?

An Arthur Defever designed trawler yacht. This is one of his older designs taken quite closely from a commercial trawler. Note the rounded transom, deep belly sheer, tough, competent overall mien. This boat is called “Grouse” do you think relates to the bird to from the owner’s favorite pastime?

Krogen Express, again designed by a wonderful (now dead) naval architect named James Krogen. Very proper, superb powerboat for coastal cruising at decent speed (15 knots) in considerable comfort. Fine pilothouse topped by sunken fly bridge, spoon bow, narrow enough to slice through waves rather than push them aside.

Next boat is unique motor sailor, probably English, with big high saloon, huge aft cabin, clipper bow, and stubby rig. Hard to see but dinghy is stuffed bow down on aft deck, there are twin generators at aft end of cockpit soft top. Boat named “Margaritaville” – I think we can infer favorite pastime of crew after hook is down.

Final photo is of Dutch built, steel ocean-going motor yacht, probably built by the Kammenga yard. Canoe stern, high bow, very tough, quite appealing. On your way to Sumatra, eh?


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