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Rossinavi launches first 60m explorer yacht Akula

by slapshot

The latest “In Thing” for megayacht owners are Explorer Yachts, built to look rugged and be able to wander all parts of the ocean. This one just built by smallish Italian yacht yard Rossinavi caught my eye because of its bold red hull color. Very few large yachts are painted anything but white, gray or navy blue, so this one really stands out. I like it a lot, I think the shade of red is just right – bright but not too bright. I like the yacht’s overall look – very tough but the proportions are better than some awkward-looking explorer yachts.

Note the way-cool bow lounge – an open deck lounge below the top deck. What a fabulous place to relax and face the open sea as your yacht pokes in and out of glorious remote fjords in Norway or Chile.

I hope the owner allows a yachting magazine to run an article on the inside of the yacht – the red exterior indicates the owner is up for bold colors so the interior may be quite imaginative.

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