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Perhaps from many years working in a design-oriented business, I enjoy looking at interesting design features. Some of the most creative design details are found on mega-yachts where owners can fund highly intricate and expensive work.

The exterior of this massive new 300+’ yacht does not  appeal to me – sort of a jumbled array of varied windows, straight, angled and swoopy lines. But the interior is an example of how an interior can be interesting despite a limited, beigy color palette by use of intense textures. The dining room uses horizontal, non-flat banding along the walls plus a textures ceiling; the G Bed Room has a slightly busy array of diagonal planking, door posts with beaded insets, and a multi-angle ceiling insert. The saloon offers fun random width and random protuberance planking and huge, terraced ceiling moldings.

Someone had fun designing all these intricate patterns and textures. I applaud the creativity.


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