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Inside Bilgin’s dazzling 80m Leona

by slapshot

OMG, the new Bilgin yacht Leona has to be the most flamboyant megayacht I’ve seen in years. From its intense red hull color inward, this vessel is insanely over-the-top. Just for starters, the dining area features a Tiger onyx wall with an inset aquarium. The ceilings everywhere are ornately patterned, the furniture is beyond theatrical. The owner suite tops it all – a truly epic bed surrounded by eyeball-popping décor.

The owner clearly appreciates gold – it is everywhere, both in colors and I gather real gold is applied liberally throughout the interior.

Although I like and use intense patterns and colors in my houses, Leona is in a different universe. But even if you find it obscenely gaudy and flamboyant, you have to appreciate the creativity and incredible skill that went into making this. It would be really fun to take a tour of Leona.

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