Megayacht Absurdity


This is taking the megayacht experience to an almost absurd level. Some guy (or lady) built a 200 foot support yacht to trail behind a 280 foot mothership.

The support yacht carries the “toys” – a series of large and small yacht tenders including a high-speed power cat propelled by 4 monster outboards, several jeep-type ATV’s, a full diving center and space for the helicopter. The support yacht is staffed by a crew of 20, supplementing what I would guess is a crew of 25 to 30 on the Feadship mother yacht.

I kind of get it, since a single yacht big enough for all this junk would be around 450 feet long, effectively barring it from docking in any yacht harbor or from anchoring in most yacht harbors. It still seems a bit extreme for sure.


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